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    Your embossed metal photos

According to your photograph we will make you an embossed metal picture that will remain forever.

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Galvano Photo

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How it is done?

Our production consists of several specialized workplaces and a well-coordinated team. The production process is our know-how and it is unique worldwide. We continue to develop the technology and we protect it appropriately by patents - PATENT PENDING.

Your digital photographs passes through our production for a week. During the first hours, the modified digital data are gradually materialized in a negative form (matrix) in our CAA studio. The matrix then travels to the laboratory, where copper galvanic picture grows for 3 days. After its forming in the workshop, chiseling and surface treatment follow, again in our laboratory. Metal relief 3D photography is born.

Jak se dělát Galvano Photo?

Galvano Photo will preserve memory emotion eternity , of your choice.